Forest Grove Church

Our History


Forest Grove Christian Church began in local homes in the Lucas, Texas area in 1847 with members of the Church of Christ (Christian Church). 

It was formally organized as a church on July 23, 1858. 

The names of the founders are also found among the pioneers of Collin County. 

The first church building was dedicated in 1875, and it was replaced in 1953 after the original building was destroyed in a fire. 

 The church closed on April 8, 1984, but reopened on October 11, 1992 by the late Pastor Wally Moseley and his bride Martha. 

In 2013, the church began the process of ending its affiliation with the Disciples of Christ and becoming an independent Non-Denominational Bible Church. 

In the summer of 2018, the church officially returned its name to Forest Grove Church, embracing its rich heritage, yet envisioning a bright future ahead. 

January 2023, our Pastoral Search Team extended the call to Neil Schultz to serve as our current Pastor, alongside his bride Robyn, and their seven children.

Plans are in place to build a new worship center and educational building in the future as we continue to grow.